Academic Rules

Academic Rules



1. Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the Institute. Parents and guardians are requested to collaborate in this with the Institute authorities, by insisting upon regular attendance and punctuality from their sons and wards, as also diligence in their work. They will also co-operate further by enquiring about the progress of their wards and be present for meetings held for the same.

2. Irregular attendance, habitual late-coming, prolonged absence (ten working days without leave), ill health, stealing, disobedience, flagrant disrespect to authority, bad conduct in or out of the institute, or habitual unsatisfactory work will justify dismissal at any time by the authorities. In such matters, the Principal’s decision is final.

3. Trainees are expected to take part in all activities of the Institute. While all Christian students are encouraged to do the annual spiritual retreat organized by the Institute, all the hostelers must participate in the same spiritual exercise.

4. The official language at the Institute premises is English. In order to foster a spirit of brotherhood and to enable trainees to mix freely with each other irrespective of languages or customs, English is the only language that may be spoken in the Institute premises.

5. Consumption of alcohol, smoking and taking of drugs is absolutely forbidden.

6. No objectionable literature may be brought to the Institute.

7. Trainees are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Each article should be marked with the trainee’s name.

8. Each one is responsible for the tools and instruments issued to him /her for use in the workshop/laboratory. Any loss or damage to tools or machines or property must be made good by the one concerned. In case the offender is not discovered damages will be recovered from the whole group concerned.

9. Every precaution is taken to avoid accidents. Nevertheless should an accident occur, the Institute will not be responsible for any injury sustained by the trainee. If hospitalization becomes necessary, it may be done even before the parents/guardians can be informed.

10. In all questions of promotion, the Principal’s decision is final. There is no arrangement for re-examination or promotion on trial.

11. Every trainee should bring daily the Institute calendar and the ID Card.

12. The possession or use of electronic gadgets/mobiles within the campus is forbidden.

13. Ragging is absolutely forbidden.

14. Institute begins with the morning Assembly. Trainees and Instructors must be on time for it.


1. After an absence from the Institute the trainees must bring the reason for the absence written in the Institute calendar duly signed by the parents or guardians.

2. No absentee or late comer should enter the class without the calendar duly signed by the Principal / Dean before the assembly.

3. Periodical reports are sent to the parents/guardians in order to inform them of the progress of their son/ ward. These reports should be signed by the parents/ guardians and returned to the Institute authorities.

4. Trainees who do not have at least 85% annual attendance, may be barred from appearing for the Final Assessment and hence from promotion.

5. Absence from the institute without leave is not tolerated except when the cause is sudden illness or unforseen circumstances, in which case the information must be given at the earliest.

6. Leave for absence is not given without a previous written application from the parent/guardian stating the reason which must be a serious one.

7. Repeated late comers may be fined/suspended and their parents may be called to the office.

8. Early Departures: It is availed when there is an emergency at home or when a trainee gets sick in the institute.


1. Strict silence and order must be observed by all in the Library.

2. All the permissions - signing of the institute diary with regard to leave, absence, etc must be done before the morning assembly.

3. All articles and personal belongings must be left outside when entering the Library. Only a copy book may be taken to the Library.

4. Before leaving the library every student must submit for scrutiny the books taken for consultation.

5. All magazines, reference books or books used while in the library must be put back into the proper place after reading.


Mechanical and Printing Labs: Light blue short sleeve Shirt and Grey Trousers, Blue Apron with Black Leather Shoes and Socks. Computer Labs and Class Room: Light blue short sleeve Shirt and Grey Trousers, with Black Leather Shoes and Socks. Uniform is provided by the Institute. Every Trainee must wear a clean and complete uniform daily.


1. The fees cover 12 calendar months. Fees do not fully cover the training costs. They are heavily subsidized by the Institute

• Fees are to be paid in advance before 12th of the first month of each quarter. Defaulters will be charged late fee at the rate of 10% per month with cumulative effect. No cheque will be accepted on the last payment due date and after but only cash. If a cheque is bounced on account of any reason, a fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged from the defaulter and defaulter has to pay in cash only all the fees to the institute.

• Trainees whose fees are overdue may be barred from attending training.

• The Institute reserves the right to increase the fees at any time of the year, if the increment is deemed necessary.

• Fees once paid by the admitted students shall neither be returned nor adjusted against any other programme of DBTI.


The training period is from August to July. Terminal Examinations are held in October, December, April and June.


Statement of Marks is issued at the end of every semester to the students giving details of marks obtained in the periodical assignments and term end examinations. The Statement of Marks of a particular Semester may be withheld in the event of non-clearance of tuition fees.


A Certificate of Completion in one or more successfully completed courses/subjects is awarded to the trainee who has 85% attendance and has secured minimum of 40% marks in Theory and 60% of marks in Practical. The certificates and diplomas will be given free of charge, if taken within a month of withdrawal/completion of training or declaration of Board results. Otherwise Rs. 200 per year will be charged.


The evaluation system is based on two components:

• Daily performance evaluation and periodic assignments. Practical in the labs and unit test carry a weightage of 50%.

• Term end examinations both Practical and Theory with a weightage of 50%.

• 40% minimum marks for a pass for Theory and 60% for Practical tests in each paper. Periodical Reports are sent to the parents/guardians in order to inform them of the progress of the trainee. These reports must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the Institute authorities. PTM is held after the first and third Assessments.