• Notice BCA 10 Aug 2019

    Notice to the BCA students

    This is to bring to the notice of all enrolled students at Bosco Technical Training Society for BCA that classes will begin on 16th August with a short induction program. All the parents of the students are requested to be present on the first day for the induction program. The normal class timing will be from 9.00 a m to 3.30 p m.

    For Bosco Technical Training Society

    Br Thomas C J

  • Admission of BCA under Management Quota 10 Aug 2019

    Notice regarding Management Quota


    BCA course (2019-22)

    Management Quota is 6 (10%of 60) as per the university guidelines.

    Vacant seats in Management Quota = 6

  • Admission Results 2019-20 09 Jul 2019

    Admission Results will be out on 10th July, 2019.
    The results can be seen on download page.
    You can also contact on
    Reception: 9643868820 & 8527787221

  • Interview and Counselling for the Academic Year 2019-20 01 Jul 2019

    As per the plan the interview and counseling were conducted from 1 st July to 6 th July. To begin with the students and their parents were given short introduction about the institute and briefing them about the rules and the discipline. Thereafter all were taken to all the three departments to give them some idea of how classes are taken and what are the facilities available in the campus.Over 200 candidates turned up for interview and counselling. This time there was no written test but an oral test after which the final interview was taken.

  • Award Day 22 Jun 2019

    On 22 nd of June the award day was organized in which the winners, toppers and students having 100% attendance were awarded with the trophies and certificates. The event began at 2:00 pm and ended at 3:30 pm. The presence of dignitaries from industry added to the beauty of the event. Among them were Mr. Malik and Sunil from printing industry, Mrs. Shalini Singh from SSC, Anita Sharma, Mr. Basin, Mr. Ajit and Mr. Jayshankar.It was edifying to see that all the trainees were well disciplined. Award distribution was done department wise. Apart from this 3-minute video clipping was presented at the end of the program. The guests were taken to the refectory for tea and the trainees and staff were given snacks at the end of the program. Medals and certificates for the tournaments were given away during the morning assembly.

  • CVE Exam. 20 Jun 2019

    On 20 th of June the CVE Board exam began for the Printing and Graphic Design students. The students had enough inputs and preparation to face the examination with confidence. Exam was conducted in our campus itself. During the examinations the students looked bright and confident. All the syllabus of all the subjects were completed much ahead in time. The mode of exam was written and practical. For the practical exams the invigilators came from the board.

  • TOT for the staff of DBTI 03 Jun 2019

    3 rd June to 8 th June 

    Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual.If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me, said A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.DBTI came up with innovation and planned to do something different andworthwhile for the teachers of the institute. Hence five days of seminar on Training of Trainers was conducted from 3 rd June to 8 th June. On the very first day T.K Gosh gave the most fitting
    start to the event and rejuvenated all the trainers with his effective and impactful thoughts and insights as to how to be effective and creative teachers today. All the trainers were eager and were filled with deep desire to emulate some of the good methods and techniques of teaching and dealing with the students. One  of the best thing teachers cherished was the classroom management. In the course of the seminar the teachers were given the platform to showcase the
    new methods taught by the resource person. They liked it, they loved it, they enjoyed it. On the 5 th day an input session was given on Quality management and Industrial safety by Mr Gaurav and Mr. Sanjay respectively from Magneti Marelli. DBTI is grateful to Novospect Ventures Pvt. Ltd who certified the training program of the staff.