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Don Bosco Technical Institute is an ISO certified, placement driven and skill training Institute. It is a Christian minority institute established in 1971 and is owned by Don Bosco Group. Don Bosco Group is spread across 132 countries having thousands of training institutes world-wide, and over 125 locations in India catering to skilling and employability needs of the youth. With its motto “Learn a Trade, Earn a Living”, the institute intends to mainstream the youth into the formally organized job market through market driven skill development interventions. The course modules are designed carefully with industry inputs to keep in tune with the changing demands of the market. With its rich experience in the field of technical education and state of the art facilities, Don Bosco Technical Institute opens new horizons of opportunity for the young people of North India. Unique in its training programmes, training methods and goals, the institute is strongly rooted in the philosophy of St. John Bosco, “Passion for Youth” and is committed to accompany the young people especially the less privileged, in their journey to self-realization and fulfilment. We too share in their struggles and achievements by being with them at every step as mentors and guides.

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   Don Bosco Technical Institute, Okhla, New Delhi, is a quality training centre which has ISO 9001 Certification; it shows special commitment in preparing the youth as skilled persons in Mechanical, Printing and Computer sectors. Vocational Training has worldwide significance especially in India. Technical Education is witnessing a shift from conventional to innovative learning. Competency based market driven courses sustained by creative interventions have become important and relevant components in skill training. During the past 48 years of our history the Institute has grown and has many training programs for the youth, besides that, we have a number of industry tie-ups as well. You can learn more about our institute as you turn the pages ahead.    

Br. C J Tom

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