The two-days input session from 31st July to 1st August 2023, for the faculty on Preventive System of Spirituality, Educator in Salesian Institute and Happiness is an Inside Job, took place at the Institute. Our resource person was none other than Rev. Fr. Shilanand, who is the youth ministry delegate of New Delhi Province. The aim of the program was to explore the principles of the Preventive System of Spirituality and its application in the context of being an educator. The sessions also delved into the concept of finding happiness from within.

The first day began with a group activity after which there was an overview on the Preventive System of Spirituality, developed by Saint John Bosco. We learned the three main pillars of this system: Reason, Faith in God and Loving-Kindness. The discussion emphasized the significance of creating a positive and nurturing environment for the holistic development of students. The session explored practical ways to integrate the three pillars into the educational framework in the Institute. Educators were encouraged to cultivate strong bonds with their students, fostering an atmosphere of trust and understanding. We were also given the techniques to incorporate spiritual values into everyday teaching practices.

An essential aspect of the Preventive System is nurturing emotional intelligence and empathy among educators. Participants engaged in interactive exercises and role plays to enhance their ability to connect with students at a deeper level. The session highlighted the importance of being sensitive to students' needs and emotions.

In the afternoon, the focus shifted to the role of an educator as a facilitator of knowledge and personal growth. We were encouraged to reflect on our purpose as educators and how we can positively impact the lives of our students. The session emphasized the importance of creating a positive and inclusive learning environment in the Institute. We were provided with practical strategies to promote a sense of belonging, teamwork, and mutual respect among students.

On the second day, the discussion was on “Happiness.” It is a state of mind. He also explained the three principles from the book "Happiness is an Inside Job" by John Powell which delves into the fundamental principles of self-empowerment and personal growth. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating a fulfilling and joyful life by taking responsibility for one's actions, accepting oneself wholeheartedly, and prioritizing essential needs like relaxation, exercise, and nourishment. This report highlights three key principles discussed in the book: self-acceptance, accepting full responsibility, and fulfilling our needs for relaxation, exercise, and nourishment.

In conclusion, "Happiness is an Inside Job" offers valuable insights into personal growth and happiness. The book's three principles as mentioned earlier, serve as a guiding compass for readers seeking to lead fulfilling and joyful lives. Through practical exercises and thoughtful reflections, the author empowers individuals to take charge of their own happiness and build meaningful connections with themselves and others. "Happiness is an Inside Job" is useful indeed for anyone on the journey to self-discovery and personal transformation.

On the whole the staff felt a renewed enthusiasm, equipped to make a positive impact on the lives of their students and foster a culture of happiness and well-being within the institute.

Overall, these types of sessions are essential for personal growth, self-improvement, and creating a happier and more fulfilling life. They equip individuals with valuable tools and insights to navigate life's challenges with resilience, maintain healthy relationships, and cultivate a positive mindset. Additionally, in an educational setting, implementing these principles can lead to a more nurturing and effective learning environment for students and educators alike.

Mr. Amit Kumar Gautam, Instructor

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