01 Sep 2020-FDP on Personal Growth & Interpersonal Relationship for the staff of DBTI Okhla

On 1st Sept 2020 Fr PD John had taken a session on Personal Growth & Interpersonal Relationship. Our resource person, Fr PD John is a Mental Health Counsellor, NLP Trainer’s Trainer. He is a trained practioner in psychodynamic therapy, Timeline therapy, EMDR, Core Transformation, Value Systems and Hypnosis.

Personal development is a major time saver. Every person grows when he/she grows academically and mentally. This was a self-enlightening session in which he has touched all the Ego States (Parent, Adult and Child). He discussed about different mental stages, how we get into situations and reacts, our transactional analysis and different activities which are based on the topic. He said “No one is perfect but life is a journey to grow everyday”. In this session we also discussed on Interpersonal relationships, classroom dealing with students and talked about Adult Language i.e DEER (Describe facts, Emotions, Expectation and Results).

The whole day’s sessions had different activities which helped us to imbibe maximum for our own personal life. Every participant had a chance to come to know his/her areas of strength and to improve on the same to become better persons. One can become happier within and with others also in the given circumstances.

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