26 Aug 2020-FDP on Creating E-contents and Google Classroom for the staff of DBTI Okhla.

In present pandemic scenario teaching has become quite challenging. No one ever thought that the conditions were going to become so unpredictable and different that all the teaching framework would be changed but the pandemic has not tied us down. As educators we become innovative and adapt to the prevailing situations caused by the pandemic. We want our Faculty members to be trained as per the requirements and as a result, successfully conducted two-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP)for the staff members of DBTI Okhla on 26th Aug and 1st Sept 2020. This Programme received enormous response from faculty members because the topic covered in this FDP was fitting to the prevailing situation and demand. On 26th Aug 2020, Ms. Ruchi Sawhney, Assistant Professor from Bosco Technical Training Society, GGSIPU has conducted the session on creating video lectures by different methods such as TableTop, ScreenCast and SlideCast. She introduced video creation and video editing tools. So, the Faculty members were able to create their recorded sessions. The participants enthusiastically tried various methods of e-content creation. In Second session, speaker emphasized on Google Classroom. It has been aimed to enhance the technical skills of faculties and to make teaching-learning process smother. She explained and demonstrated the steps which are involved to create Google Classroom and how the implement the same. Being a friendly App, we can upload study materials, share the announcements, give assignments to students, assign grades on the basis of assignments submitted and also conduct test through google class.

The participants have acquired knowledge of the different aspects of planning, designing and delivering quality e-content for online teaching-learning and also about the appropriate developmental tools required to develop e-content in their respective disciplines using text, images, audio and video. Managing and arranging the e-classroom while using Google Classroom has become part of the teaching system of the faculty members.

Resource Person: Mrs Ruchi Sawhney

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