07 May 2022-Health checkup camp at Don Bosco Okhla.


Everyone is aware and knows well that When it comes to general health, prevention of an illness is better than the cure of the same. While in many cases, the oncoming of a condition of disease is not well in our control, there are many situations where if proper precautions are taken, it can lead to the minimization of risks involved. And this is where a general health checkup comes into play.

A health camp was organized for the trainees of DBTI by National CSR Network. NCN is an initiative of Strategic CSR Alliance- a section 8 company set up in 2015 with the vision to empower companies for meaningful social development. NCN, being an industry-led and managed organization, has emerged as a significant development sector platform in India. It has successfully brought together Corporates, NGOs and Government agencies to forge CSR partnerships for greater impact. It is chaired by Mr. Dwarakanath, Former Chairman, GSK India.

The trainees of DBTI were privileged to have doctors from MAX Multi Speciality Center, Punchsheel Park, for the health checkup. Blood pressure, blood sugar and eye checkup were done for about 200 students of the institute. A handful of students had slight sugar problem while some others had BP a little on the higher side. Some were diagnosed with vision problem. Those who required spectacles were promised a discount on the purchase of glasses. The program started at 10.30 am and ended at 4.00 pm. The organizers also promised to give guest lectures to the students on health issues.

At the end of the day, the organizing team felt contented with the service rendered to the students as many took advantage of the health checkup provided. The institute management is grateful to the team of organizers and doctors who spent their valuable time.

Br. Tom C.J, Principal


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