The concept job fair is that job seekers can meet multiple organizations at one single place. It is a concept which is a big time saver for both job seekers and the organizations. Job fairs are conducted in every part of the world by group of organizations to find right candidate for their organization. They are conducted in order to hire either job seekers in bulk or sometimes to search for few candidates whose positions are empty for a longer time. But mostly, job fairs are conducted with no expectations nor any prior commitments to the job seekers. A job fair is an event conducted for welfare of both the recruiters as well as job seekers. Both of them have to take it seriously and work it out for the better experience for each other. It would be better if there are serious mandatory rules for the recruiters, job seekers, as well as third party consultants to make the concept of job fair a success.


Keeping in mind the need of the industries that are looking for competent and employable candidates as well as to bring together the job seekers from various parts of Delhi NCR, a job fair was organized at DBTI, Okhla on 27th November 2021 with the expectation of about 300 candidates. It was amazing to see an unexpected crowd of youngsters rushing to our campus seeking jobs. The entire job fair was coordinated by Mr Keith Egbert who is the placement coordinator of Don Bosco Placement Network. Thanks to Fr Biju, the economer of the province for the support and encouragement. The information regarding the job fair was circulated just one week before the event and the response was satisfying indeed.

The program of the day began at 10.00 a. m. as planned in the auditorium where the space was allotted for the companies to interview the candidates. After the introduction by Mr. Keith, there was lighting of the lamp followed by an official welcome by Rev. Dr. Sajan M. George, the Director of the institute. In his welcome note, he gave a challenge to the candidates by asking them to the competent and make themselves saleable in the job market.  A short video clip giving the details of the training programs of the institute was played out for company representatives and the candidates present in the auditorium. Soon after that, the company representatives gave one by one a short introduction about themselves. At the end of the short program, Br Tom the principal of the institute expressed his sentiments of gratitude and appreciation for all those who were responsible for the day which had begun well.

Many candidates had registered online while others registered themselves as they entered the campus. It was encouraging to see the rush right from 8.30. a. m. onwards. There was a lunch break at 2.00 p. m after which the company representatives were given a guided tour of the institute by the principal. Interviews continued after the lunch and the day’s program came to an end by 5.00 p.m.

I would like to place on record that 418 candidates had turned up for the interview and 11 representatives from various companies had come to recruit suitable candidates. 53 candidates were selected and 84 were shortlisted by various companies. The teachers and hostel boys under the guidance of Fr. Abhay were on their feet throughout the day to see to the smooth running of the day’s program. Thanks to the hostel boys put their hands together to get the campus as well as the hall ready for the day’s program. 

Most of the company representatives, as well as some of the candidates, were coming to the institute campus for the first time and they were taken aback by the spacious campus, infrastructure, facilities and greenery. Everyone was well disciplined throughout the day. While chatting with some of the representatives, I could notice a sense of joy and fulfilment on their faces. During this job fair, I am sure that the candidates were happy to have got the opportunity to interact with recruiters and share important information.

Br Tom C. J.


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